Boobs Ahoy! : Monday, December 31, 2007

Other Comics:

April and May
if you have a weird sense of humor like i do, you'll love it. quasi-lesbian, or something. just read it!

Toothpaste For Dinner
daily comics. hilarious and weird.

YU+ME : dream
lesbians! and awesome art. what more do i need to say?

Prince of Castles
who doesn't love a renaissance lesbian fairy tale?

Teacosies With Irony
lesbians, bisexuals and heterosexuals all working together... on crafts. i fucking love it so read it!

Nothing Better
awesome comic with awesome art and real issues. so far, in a nut shell, i would say it's about college, growing up and dealing with people different from yourself, especially on a religious front.

Our Home Planet
lesbian aliens!

The Prince of Castles
lesbian renaissance romance... hawt.

i don't know how to describe it, but it rocks.

The Horrible 404 Floating Floors of Professor Z!
it's like a horror movie and a comic book combined! oooo...

Mundane Nirvana
college and stuff... nerdy humor that i really enjoy.

There's A Civilization On My Fork
come on... you know the name just draws you in.

like a helen keller or dead baby joke, you shouldn't laugh...but you do anyways cuz it's hilarious.

Pokey The Penguin!
this is some very different humor...but it makes me laugh.

Other Sites of Interest:

lesbian manga free translation site. i HIGHLY reccommend Maka-Maka (18 and up!)

Prism Comics
website all about supporting GBLT comics
After Ellen
huge lesbian website

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